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Flexibility/ Adaptability

I am able to mold to the conditions of the situation. This was proven during World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto when I was told I would be front of house greeter and upon arrival was asked to be a dresser backstage. I took the opportunity and adapted to the fast pased environment.

Initiative/ Drive

I take the necessary steps to improve myself and as such become a better individual as well as employee. This can be seen in my education history taking on new projects and schooling opportunities to further my educaion in the areas I love. Being able to see where I need improvement will prove to my client that I am always striving to meet their needs. 

Communication/ Problem Solving Skills

I am able to diffuse situations that could be negative in an efficient manner to create a more positive experience. I can react and assess a situation and proceed accordingly. As a makeup and hair artist I can effectively deal with potential issues with clients that will meet the needs of both parties and create a positive experience.

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